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Any established company that is known as a limited company will have to pay Corporation Tax on their taxable profits and keep detailed records of these payments. A taxable profit can be classed as anything that your business makes its income from, i.e. making business trades, investments, and selling anything for more than it originally cost you. At Gray & Co Dan Ltd, we specialise in corporation tax services in Bury St Edmunds.

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Corporation Tax Regulations

Corporation tax only applies to a business operating in the UK, for example, if you have a business up and running in a foreign country, but have offices in the UK, you will only pay this type of tax on the business activity based in the UK. The tax system works alongside the financial year from 1st April.

When you choose Gray & Co Dan Ltd, we will set up your corporation tax within the first three months of your business starting which will keep you within the legal requirements set out by the HMRC. As corporation tax is usually organised and estimated by the company itself, Gray & Co Dan Ltd will arrange the amounts for you and work out how much you should be paying and declare the amount once you have paid by filing the correct tax return paperwork.

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