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When running your own business, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your payroll and tax compliance, which is why we offer comprehensive financial services to companies all around the Cambridge area. Whether you are a company director or entrepreneur, we can take care of all the day-to-day bookkeeping and taxes for the business. Offering compliance and management of your accounts, we can take care of all the lengthy financial aspects of your work, leaving you more free time to look after the other parts of your business. We understand that looking after your cash flow can be a stressful and time-consuming process, so we offer a cash flow management service that can prepare you for any short-falls in cash and improve the look of your balance sheet.

Accounts Preparation


Here at Gray & Co Dan Ltd Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors, we provide comprehensive financial and taxation services to clients all around the Cambridge area. We aim to carry out all our services accurately, helping you improve your cash flow position and provide you with expert advice on strong investments and business strategies. Ensuring that all your tax is compliant with current laws, we provide a wide range of taxation services to ensure your business is operating in a legal and profitable way. Some of the services our accountants can do for you are:

Management Accounts

Profitability Awareness

Accounts measure the profitability of your business, knowing that they have been prepared consistently gives confidence in using them as the basis for future planning. Outsourcing your accounts preparation frees up your time to allow you to concentrate on running and developing your business.

  • Bookkeeping (recording all your financial incomings and outgoings)
  • Taxation services including corporation tax and personal tax
  • Financial advice service- management consultations
  • Payroll
  • Start-up businesses
  • Tax investigations
  • Auditing (inspections of your financial accounts to ensure accuracy)
  • Insurance & pension advice
  • Tax returns and inheritance tax
  • Business plans
  • Limited, sole trader and partnership companies
Budget And Forecasting


Here at Gray & Co Dan Ltd we provide a comprehensive auditing service, which involves the examination of your financial accounts to ensure accuracy. Providing a thorough inspection of your cash flow, balance sheet and income statement, we can ensure that all of the information put forward in your business’s annual statement complies with current legislation and provides an accurate representation of your companies’ current accounts.

Our auditing service consists of both substantive and control testing, to ensure the final sales figure produced is free from both fraud and error. In addition to inspecting your books, we can also look at your statutory records, in order to provide reassurance to shareholders that the current accounts and figures are an accurate representation of the companies’ financial position.

If you require our auditing services to identify any weakness in your business’s accounts, call us today on 01638 715 534 to increase the credibility of your financial position and make you more attractive to potential shareholders.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Taxation Services

Providing a wide range of taxation services, Gray & Co Dan Ltd accountants can take care of all of the tax returns, capital gains tax and corporation tax associated with your business. Our tax advisers provide a self-assessment tax return service, which involves taking care of your capital gains, investments and employment income. We aim to maximise your tax returns, dealing with HMRC for you, saving you time to take care of other aspects of your business including your resources and strategy.

Our accountants can provide a tax investigation protection service to ensure that if the HMRC investigate your financial accounts for tax fraud, we have all the relevant evidence to provide them with a factual statement. Taking care of your remuneration planning and wealth management, our accountants can offer you tailored tax advice, to enable you to pay the least possible tax and obtain the largest possible tax return.


Why Hire Our Accountants?

Hiring professional accountants can provide your business with many benefits including helping you minimise your tax bill, and increase your revenue. Offering tailored financial advice, we can offer you opportunities for company growth through our management consulting service. In addition to providing financial advice, our management consultant service consists of strategy consulting, operational consulting and marketing consulting, allowing you to maximise your business’s potential within the current UK market.

Our accountants have a wealth of experience in helping start-up businesses get on their feet and start operating profitably. We can assist in all aspects of your start-up including the business plan, model and structure, offering advice on the budget and forecasting for the forthcoming trading year. These tools can help you ensure you have a strong cash flow position and reduce the risk associated with a start-up business.

Management Accounts

Accountants In Cambridge

Home to the prestigious University Of Cambridge, the modern city of Cambridge boasts many impressive features including the River Cam, and multiple museums including the Fitzwilliam museum. Cambridge is home to the famous Corpus Clock, which is located at Corpus Christi College, and is known as the Grasshopper Clock by tourists. The King’s College Chapel is an impressive piece of gothic architecture that makes up just part of the cities’ medieval history which dates back to pre-historic times, as there is archaeological evidence of Roman activity on Castle Hill.

Our accountants can provide payroll services to limited, sole trader and partnership companies all around the Cambridge area.



Our accountants can offer you a range of payroll accounting services including the recording of all of your employees’ wages, salaries, commissions and bonuses. Taking care of all the relevant taxes including income taxes, we also deal with the pensions, employee tax and national insurance. We produce P45 forms for your employees if their employment is terminated with you, and we can also produce a P60 form at the end of the year, which details all of the income tax from that period. In order for us to set up your payroll system, we need to work out the amount of Pay As You Earn payments that need to be paid to the government, set up the payroll system and deduct the right amount of tax, before declaring this on a payslip to your employees. This can be quite a complicated process if attempted without the help of a professional accountant, so we provide a complete payroll system for clients all around Cambridge.

Payroll Services

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