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Here at Gray & Co Dan Ltd, we carry out accountancy services all around the Thetford area, offering financial statements, taxation services and auditing, travelling to you for your convenience. When deciding whether you need an accountant, there are many things to consider, including whether you have time yourself to keep up with your bookkeeping, tax filing and budgeting. We understand that the day to day running of your business can take up all your time, leaving you with little time to put thought and planning into your finances and cash flow forecast. For this reason, we can offer professional accounting services, so you don’t have to worry about your revenues or expenses as we can take care of these for you.


Our Accountancy Services

Providing accountancy services all around the Thetford area, our aim is to take care of all your finances and taxes, to ensure that all your financial statements balance and all your records are accurate. We carry out all our services to improve the efficiency of your business and to ensure your tax and financial records always comply with current legislation. Just some of the accountancy services we provide are:

  • Bookkeeping (keeping record of all your financial transactions)
  • Keeping track of your taxation (VAT, income tax, corporation tax, tax returns)
  • Management consulting (evaluating your operations, offering financial advice)
  • Payroll
  • Business valuation
  • Tax investigation service
  • Auditing (assessing whether your financial statements are precise)
  • Insurance advice
  • Inheritance tax, personal tax and self-assessment tax returns
  • Corporation tax
Tax Investigation

Budgeting And Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting your cash flow and revenues is an essential for the running of your business, as it can act as a written plan for the future to ensure you are always in a strong financial position. Our accountancy service can provide you with a budget that estimates the potential forthcoming revenues and outgoings for your business. Bearing your cash flow in mind, our accountants regularly evaluate your position, comparing your forecast to your actual performance. Forecasting is a method we use to estimate your future results based on your historical financial data, and our management consulting service can ensure you are prepared for any changes in the market or your current situation.

Budget And Forecasting

Why Hire An Accountant?

There are many reasons you should hire an accountant to do your bookkeeping and other financial services, as not only can it free up spare time to work on developing your business, but we can also offer you opportunities and advice for business growth and expansion. Experts in our field, we can provide you with detailed business plans, loan applications and tax assessments, giving your business more opportunities for investment and growth. In addition to reducing the potential errors in your bookkeeping, hiring an accountant can actually save you money, as if you are doing your taxes yourself, it could take up days of your valuable trading time, potentially decreasing your revenue.

If you are in the Thetford, Norfolk area and require a professional accountant for assistance with your payroll, bookkeeping or balance sheet, get in touch today on 01638 715 534 .

About Us

New Businesses

Having helped many start-up businesses choose the right strategy, budget and get up and running in the Thetford area, our aim is to help many more with all their accounting and auditing requirements. We are there to guide you through the whole process of setting up your business, we can help you choose between a private, limited liability or partnership company, and get you registered with the authorities. Providing you with financial advice, we can work on reducing your tax, and help you budget for the future. Working alongside you from the start, we can take care of all your bookkeeping, and discuss potential employees for your business, as we can easily set up a simple payroll system for you. With access to the whole market, we have access to many useful contacts, and can provide you with advice for your business’s banking, and any necessary solicitors.

Setting up a limited company could be the right option for you if you wish to be a private company responsible for your debts up to the amount that you invested into the company, and it must have shareholders and directors. In a partnership company, both partners are liable for any debts, and should have a written agreement to prove to the HMRC that you both have a right to the profits.


Payroll Services

In addition to providing useful information regarding your balance sheet, our accountants at Gray & Co Dan Ltd can provide you with many payroll services, which includes all salaries, commission and statutory payments made to your employees. By outsourcing your payroll, you can ensure that detailed records of all payments and tax deductions are kept, and all records and payments will be accurate, as with many years of experience our accountants are at an extremely low risk of making errors. In addition to taking care of your company’s payslips and all year end returns, we can also take care of other expenses such as pensions and statutory maternity pay.

Payroll Services

Accountant In Thetford

Our accountancy services are available to clients living in Thetford and the surrounding areas of Norfolk, and we are happy to travel to your home, shop, or commercial property. Located within the Breckland District in Norfolk, Thetford is a small market town that boasts many cultural and historical features, including the Thetford Forest. Many attractions are available to you when visiting with your family, including both the Dad’s Army Museum and the Charles Burrell Museum. With many years of roman tribal history, Thetford has medieval remains such as the Thetford Priory, and the River Little Ouse running through the middle of the town.

Cash Flow Forecasting

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