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Offering a range of accountancy services, Gray & Co Dan Limited can assist with all tax preparation in Newmarket and throughout the surrounding areas. As we deal with all types of tax returns, as well as any tax investigations you may encounter, you can depend on us in any situation. With fantastic tax knowledge, you will always be left fully satisfied.

In addition to our tax services, we also offer a range of accountancy and bookkeeping. Being fully trained and experienced, we can help all businesses and individuals with their financial performance. Regardless of what services you require, with business financial planning, we can always help you improve the efficiency and quality of your accounting and bookkeeping.

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Tax Preparation & Planning

Offering services such as payroll, bookkeeping and cash flow forecasting, this allows us to complete tax preparation in Newmarket to the highest possible standard. As tax accountants dealing with both personal and business tax, you can rely on us for advice and services for a range of different tax, including:

  • Corporate Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Pay As You Earn
  • VAT

Whether tax preparation is required just for you or your whole company including staff members, a professional service will be delivered. When making self-assessment tax returns and company tax returns to the HMRC, our bookkeeping will ensure finances have been kept accurate throughout the year and you never face the risk of any fines after your tax returns have been made. With our bookkeeping, full tax planning can be completed.

Not only does this mean you are prepared to submit your taxes by the deadline, it will also mean you are financially prepared and you have adjusted for the submission of your tax returns. We make sure to complete tax planning on a regular basis, preventing any errors when it comes to making your tax returns. We will regularly update the tax returns of all business as well as income tax from the payroll of your staff.

Our team are fully trained tax accountants, ensuring there are no issues with any tax deductions from payroll, as well as VAT and corporation tax that is owed. Dealing with your own tax returns can be very stressful and without the right expertise, mistakes can become very common. By outsourcing your tax preparation, you can relieve a lot of stress as well as this method being very cost-effective, saving money on your tax returns.

We use the best systems to ensure tax is recorded correctly, submitted on time and accurate. You will always have complete peace of mind with our tax preparation and management.


Local Tax Accountants In Newmarket

As local tax accountants in Newmarket, Gray & Co Dan Limited can always offer a personal service and thorough support throughout Newmarket and the surrounding areas. Being based just a short distance from the area, businesses and individuals can easily work with our team, maintaining a high level of communication in relation to all your finances. Located just along the A14, we can easily book a suitable time for a consultation to discuss your requirements.

We aim to be the first choice for all tax preparation in Newmarket, for all clients across any industry. As we have worked throughout Newmarket since our establishment, we already have several years of experience working with clients from this area. We make sure you have any support and services you need for successful tax planning and accountancy and bookkeeping service. Always offering a quick response to clients here, you can depend on us for a comprehensive, professional service.

Newmarket is a market town located in the county of Suffolk in England, with a population of over 20,000 people. Despite not being the largest town, Newmarket is home to several points of interest, including Newmarket Racecourses, Palace House and Moulton Packhorse Bridge.

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Why Choose Gray & Co Dan Limited

Gray & Co Dan Limited have several years of industry experience, with great expertise when it comes to tax laws and the tax preparation for all clients. Since our establishment, we have built a fantastic reputation for the work we complete in Newmarket and throughout the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on the high standard of service we deliver and want to continue achieving this, growing our client base throughout the local area.

Offering a customer-focused approach, your financial performance should improve with our assistance, as well as easing the burden of tax and account management for any business. As we offer a selection of accounting, bookkeeping and tax services, we can deal with any issues you are encountering. We will work closely with you, offering advice whenever you require it to ensure you are fully satisfied with our services and all expectations are met.

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If you would like to hire tax accountants or book tax preparation in Newmarket, get in touch with Gray & Co Dan Limited today. You will always receive a fast response from our team and a detailed consultation to discuss your requirements. Call us today on 0845 136 6729 or 01638 715 534  or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.