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Here at Gray & Co Dan Ltd, we offer advice on the areas of tax planning that we believe are most important to you to start your business in the correct direction and stay on track. Covering clients in Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding areas, we are always on hand to assist.

For more information about income tax support, contact us on 01638 715 534.

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What is Income Tax?

Income tax is based on what you earn yourself and is only payable on certain types and amounts of income. You pay income tax on the money you earn from employment, other profits, state benefits, pensions, savings, rental incomes, and benefits you achieve from your job. As an employer, you would have to deduct the correct amount of taxes from your employees’ pay based on their yearly earnings.

Income Tax With Gray & Co Dan Ltd

At Gray & Co, we can also plan and deduct the correct amount of taxes from your employees and make sure all information is up to date to follow this procedure.

Most taxpayers pay their taxes through P.A.Y.E, information on this can be found here. It is important that although taxing isn’t the highest-valued aspect in businesses making profits, that you have to stick to it, and here at Gray and Co we can keep costs to a legal minimum in order to stay afloat.

If you are in a state of an investigation by the HMRC we can alleviate any anxiety that an enquiry can bring and assist you in the correct manner on how to deal with this and comply with the rules.

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For any more information about income tax support, contact Gray & Co Dan Ltd in Bury St Edmunds. Call us on 01638 715 534 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form.

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